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Coco Discs

Weed Prevention Coco Discs  are made from natural coconut fiber, a 100% renewable resource. The natural alternative for weed control in pots. Perfect for nurseries and garden centers!

The volume of weeds will be reduced by 90 to 95%. This would make a  large savings in labor and no Herbicides are needed. If there were use a crew to weed ten times a season, would only need to weed once or twice a season.


      • provide enough air, allowing the roots to breathe
      • will not attract or trap heat like plastic discs
      • all made from natural coco fiber treated with natural latex, environment friendly
      • Biodegradable!
      • expensive hand weeding is reduced;
      • not need to use the herbicides then avoid the possible side effects;
      • big water saving;
      • Natural,attractive and clean looking
      • both sides treaded with Latex for durability
      • Easy to install



Diameter: 10CM,12CM,14CM,16CM,18CM,20CM,22CM,24CM,26CM


Thickness: About 5MM 


The sizes can be customized according to your requirements;  

For more details about this product or any questions, please kindly send us an e-mail to or call +86 592 5683152;